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    TabMon - Can not start the service

    Sanket Kelkar

      Hi All,


      I have installed the latest version of TabMon (version 2.2) on my single node tableau server and configured it exactly as mentioned in the guide. I changed "YOURCOMPUTERNAME" to my server's IP address in the config file. Other settings like port number, username, password are kept as default. Whenever I try to start TabMon service as an admin, I get an error and log files show -


      FATAL:28000: no pg_hba.conf entry for host "::1"


      I also access Tableau PG SQL repository on 8060 port and hence after this error, I re-installed TabMon and changed the port number from 5432 to 8060. When I try to start the service, it shows an error -


      FATAL : 28P01: password authentication failed for user "tabmon"


      Can someone please suggest what could be the resolution for this?