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    Tableau data source metadata layer

    Zubair Khan

      Hi All,


      We are implementing a tableau shop at work and are getting training. So far we have signed up for desktop 1 & 2 fundamentals. We are working with excel sources in the class, but have so many questions related to the real world. We are a Oracle Business Intelligence and a SAP BusinessObjects shop at the moment. What we are trying to figure out is, how does Tableau work in terms of developing a database metadata layer? In Oracle BI, you develop a RPD, in SAP BO, you create universes. How does Tableau work in that sense? Do you create a meta data layer once and for all and then start creating reports and dashboards? We are finding Tableau to be just another excel tool and not up to par with Oracle BI and SAP BO/BI. We want to be proved wrong. Any help is greatly appreciated.



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          Hey Khan,


          We do have Join and Pivot tables in Tableau and from  tableau 2018.1 version, you have more flexibility in creating on fly Data Model for reporting.


          For your reference,


          Blend Your Data


          Tableau Prep: A new data preparation solution -- This is the new way of creating data model on fly using tableau Data Prep Tool from Now.

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            ShivaRam Chennapragada

            Zubair- This whitepaper on Tableau's Metadata Model should give you additional insight (Tableau whitepapers are best resources to understand the product). There are so many ways you could get data into Tableau either by connections to different types of databases/Excel/Text files etc., The other approach is by creating your own "Tableau Data Source" and develop reports thereof. You could do this either using Tableau Desktop or Tableau Prep like Venkat mentioned. Tableau Prep is a data preparation tool newly launched by Tableau.


            As you work more with Tableau you'd realize it is much more than anything that you know now.


            Good luck!


            Thank you,


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              Zubair Khan

              Thank you Venkat and Shiva for your respnses, I will read up on the links that you provided. As I see it, it seems that you have to build a data source every time you create a dashboard or report and if you want the drill down functionality, you have to bring in tables and columns even if you don't want to, simply because you feel that the user "might" want to drill down. That means full table scans, and unnecessary query hits on the db.


              If we have a DW, we can't simply just create a meta data layer once and that's it?

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                That is where tableau Data Prep Come in. For now, Your right we need to apply and do data preparation for each time while creating a report.


                From now, I mean tableau 2018.1 Data Prep tool, it behave like Universe(Meta layer) from tableau Desktop to Tableau Prep.