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    How many were logged-in at a specific Date AND TIME


      Hi, I was hoping someone could assist with the following issue.

      I need to show how many users were logged-in at specific times throughout the day...my data spans multiple days and some users could log-in on one day & not log-out until the following day.


      I attached a sample data set, pay particular attention to user CCCC, as the log-in time spans multiple days.


      I did research here - FAQ:  Open & Close Dates , but unfortunately none of these examples are specific to Date AND Time, across multiple days.

      This Knowledge Base article got me the closest to a solution - Displaying Active Records Over Time | Tableau Software , but when I reworked it to look at hourly data, it only works for the max date, not multiple days at a time.


      I'd like my end-result to look like this:



      30-Apr8:00 AM2
      30-Apr9:00 AM2
      30-Apr10:00 AM2
      30-Apr11:00 AM2
      30-Apr12:00 PM2
      30-Apr1:00 PM2
      30-Apr1:00 PM2
      30-Apr2:00 PM2
      30-Apr3:00 PM2
      30-Apr4:00 PM2
      30-Apr5:00 PM0
      30-Apr6:00 PM1
      30-Apr7:00 PM1
      30-Apr8:00 PM1
      30-Apr9:00 PM1
      30-Apr10:00 PM1
      30-Apr11:00 PM1
      30-Apr12:00 AM1
      1-May1:00 AM1
      1-May2:00 AM1
      1-May3:00 AM0
      1-May4:00 AM0
      1-May5:00 AM0
      1-May6:00 AM0
      1-May7:00 AM0
      1-May8:00 AM0
      1-May9:00 AM1
      1-May10:00 AM2
      1-May11:00 AM2
      1-May12:00 PM2
      1-May1:00 PM2
      1-May2:00 PM2
      1-May3:00 PM2
      1-May4:00 PM2
      1-May5:00 PM2
      1-May6:00 PM1
      1-May7:00 PM1
      1-May8:00 PM0
      1-May9:00 PM0
      1-May10:00 PM0
      1-May11:00 PM0
      1-May12:00 AM0


      I've created a separate DATE_DIM data source containing all dates/hours to use as my axis.  My difficulty is determining how to create the flag to indicate that an employee was active during that date/hour.


      Does anyone have any suggestions?