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    Layout problem - disappearing filters on publish

    Gary Bisaga

      I'm trying to publish a story to Tableau public that consists of three dashboards. For some reason, the filters on one particular dashboard disappear whenever I publish it! Attached is the workbook. Here is the published story:




      Note that, in desktop, all three dashboards of the story "Story" appear; after publishing, the "Rankings" dashboard has no filters displayed at the top, while the other two do:


      What is causing my filters to disappear?


      I am familiar with this link: Filters or Parameter Controls Disappear After Publishing | Tableau Software

      It does mention "Looking for settings that do not make sense, like a parameter control set to allow "All" values that does not have "Type In" set." I do have a parameter control that allows "All", but I do not know what a "Type In" is. What's more, the other dashboards - where filters do show up - also have this same filter. I see there's a slight difference between layout container structure between the first dashboard and the other two, but the filters disappear on the "Rankings" dashboard even when I delete the extra layout containers and make it the same as the others.


      Edit: In playing with it some more, I have discovered is that if I publish the story with the third menu item ("Percent Change") pre-selected, the filters do show up; while if I publish with the first menu item ("Rankings"), they do not. The exact same filters are selected in both (so it's not several other similar problems I've seen on these forums, most of which are about publishing to Tableau server), the only difference is which story point was selected when I did the publish.


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