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    Dynamic Parameters...still in review?

    Tim Blausey

      I've been searching and scouring google and these forums for what seems like weeks, trying to find a solution to dynamic filters, and I'm finding nothing.  My use cases span from a need for cascading parameters based on other parameters (no a calculation can't work), to auto-updating data ranges. Most recently I have a user wanting to use a filter that instead of removing items from a data source, instead hides them, so that the %'s stay the same. They don't want to right click to hide, because it is not intuitive to business users. Even if we can train the users to right click and hide, they still won't know what they've hid after they hid it.  A list on the side would fix this. This I believe is more of a multi-select parameter.


      I keep coming to the survey results from 3 years ago and the corresponding update blog, which seems abandoned, but users are still occasionally posting on to this day.


      Is this idea still in review? Does anyone have more relevant links for me to chase down.