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    Aggregate at date level, filter by another dimension

    Walker Peterson

      I am running into an issue trying to aggregate a function at the date level. In the attached workbook I would like the initial graph to have the sum for all DMAs graph over time with the option to filter by DMA. The current summation function is not giving me the correct value. The number of eligible devices on a given day should hover around 5-6 million, not 20.


      I want it to look like the graph attached as a picture but with the ability to filter by DMA. The graph attached is from the same data but pulled grouped by date instead of by Dma AND Date. I am running into issues when pulling it at DMA level as well and need some help aggregating all the DMAs together correctly. I do not think the SUM calculation is the correct way to do this but do not know of a better way.

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          Jim Dehner

          Your download repeated the "eligible devices " for each record by DMA Name


          this calculations will determine the average of the repeated value (note - you could also min() or max)


          it will add the line show below to your chart



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