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    Conditional Calculations

    Prajval T

      Hi Team,


      I have requirement like below.


      I need to show the Sales on bars and Sales %  on line as dual axes.


      Note: For Sales calculation i need consider previous 6 months data. (PFB for calculation for Sales %)


      Sales (%)= WINDOW_AVG(SUM([Sales]),-5,0)/WINDOW_AVG(SUM([Quantity]),-5,0)


      This is working fine.


      But if select 2014, it is showing all months data for Sales and Sales (%). But first

      5 months for Sales (%) will not applicable as it does not have previous 6 months data.


      Now my requirement is I need to show the all months data for Sales, but for sales (%) i wanted to show data from June 2014 which will make sense as per the logic.


      Right it showing from Jan.


      Can any one help me how to get this.





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          Michael Hesser

          Hi Pravjval;

          Why not select the "Null if there are not enough values" in your Sale % table calculation?


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            Prajval T

            Hi Michael,


            it working fine for single line bar.


            But i have view something like below, Side By Side with line.

            Sorry i didn't mention complete requirement in my first post.


            Actual requirement is Green color is for Sales (%) with i have calculated using previous 6 months logic(As i mention in my first post) and Blue bar will indicates sum (sales), And The Goal (%) will be calculated as (sales)/ sales(%).


            So now i want to show is, i  need to show sales bars for all months, Sales (%) bar and Goal (%) line  should show from 6th month.


            For example i have data from 2017 Jan, and i have selected 2018 , April in year and Month filter then i need show data like below.


            Sales from Jan 2017 to 2018 April

            Sales (%) from June to 2018 April

            Goal (%) from June to 2018 April






            When i am trying to apply Null at table calculations, getting below error.