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    Human anatomy visualization solution ?

    Bartosz Dabek

      Tableau Public


      So this is my vis that I would like to improve on and later on put more data to dashboard,

      1. I did not know how to make round/oval shapes using sequential path - like here - Tableau 201: How to Make Small Multiple Stadium Maps

      2. So I decided it would be easier to extract organs using Illustrator and use organs as 'shapes' - so I put on locations of organs and assign shape to them in 'my tableau repository'

      Despite the fact that my organs are the same size as a background image( background image is in jpg and icons are in png) , I have to resize them using Size button - this would not be a problem if not for this that when I zoom in or out of the picture - Icon stays the same size but the size of the background image changes and in consequence in does not work