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    WDC/API Connector

    Prasad Rao K

      Currently there is long process for building the WDC connection.


      It would be great if there is plug-in called WDC/API Connector in Tableau Desktop like we have for QlikView as QlikView Rest Connector.



      This would ease the process for people who want to use API as data source.

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          Hello Prasad,


          This could be an excellent Idea to add to the Ideas forum! Tableau does actually use the framework of our own WDC to create connectors for use in Tableau that are maintained by Tableau. The Google Sheets connector is an excellent example. The WDC is somewhat intentionally a bare bones as it allows for the widest range of customization to be used in creating the connection.


          Though a more automated way to create a WDC would be excellent as I have been through the trial tribulations of attempting to create one myself! Please share the idea if you create one!



          Byrne, Patrick

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            Prasad Rao K

            I posted idea on the same day 16th April


            Please see WDC/API Connectorhttps://community.tableau.com/ideas/8643


            You may promote so that someone from Tableau Company understand the pain and come with plug in