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    Lack of data in some columns hides data in others

    Tim Hugall

      Hi all,


      I'm having a really hard time with a report I'm trying to produce.


      There are two data sources fed from Tableau Server. The first is a line level orders table, the other contains budget information for each "Fiscal Week" for this YTD as well as the budget figure for the remainder of the year.


      The linking data in the orders table is 'Fiscal Week' and 'Fiscal Year' assigned to every order.


      The problem is that no matter which way I slice and dice this table, filtering down so we only see this year and last year results in our week 52 row being chopped off the table. It makes no sense because Budget Order Total has a value at week 52 but it seems to be being dictated to by the measure values found in Order Total etc.


      Ideally I could really use the Table Layout > Show Empty Rows option to be working, but this was disabled for multi data sourced sheets in Tableau 8 I think.


      I've attached a packaged workbook but also here are some pictures to highlight the issue:


      Before filtering Fiscal Year:




      After filtering: