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    Cumulate SALES from last 5 month reported in a unique month ex : MARCH


      Hi communauty !


      I need to create a Calcul for cumulate SALES in MARCH with the last 5 month passed ONLY  FOR A TYPE "COGE"


      TOTAL SALES ONLY IN THE MONTH OF MARCH FOR "COGE" TYPE = SALES (November Year-1  + December Year-1 + January Year + February Year  + March Year)


      Exemple :


      For the MARCH 2019  TOTAL SALES FOR =  Sales November 2018 + Sales December 2018 + Sales January 2019 + Sales February 2019 + Sales March 2019

      For The MARCH 2018 etc....


      In the folder there is the initial sheet i need to modify and target (what i want in final)



      thanks a lot !!!