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    Image on Dashboard has border

    Erica Cross



      I'm getting quite frustrated with a Dashboard. I've made a dummy copy to show my problem.


      My final step is adding icons on a completed dashboard. When they are full size, there is no border visible. When I try to shrink them (Fit Image, Center Image), a white border appears. No border is selected on Tableau and one is not present in the PNG file. Conversely, if I make a red square in paint and save it, I can modify the size (Fit Image, Center Image) and no border appears. I've tried copying this image into Paint, using the Snipping Tool, etc. and no matter what when I use it in Tableau, a white border appears. If this always happened it would be understandable but when the red square never gets a white border I wonder what makes it different. I'll attach the Tableau and images used for the example. Thank you!


      Additional note: I've read that the Workbook Theme can effect images and mine is currently set to Default. I've tried all options for Workbook Theme and the border remains on the image.