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    Latest date for employee

    Vinesh Panchal

      Hi all,


      I'm just a newbie to Tableau 10.5 but learning the ropes; I have 2 data sources that i have left joined. The first data source is a list of employees and it contains the employee number, name, job title, team etc. The second data source is a list of completions for a specific course. So if a member have completed this course 3 times at different times it will appear for the same employee 3 times but having different date of completions. For example the first data source looks something like below:


      Employee NumberEmployee NameTeam
      1111Jo BloggsIT Team
      1112Fred BloggsHuman Resources
      1113Steve BloggsTraining Team


      The second data source that is joined to the above is something like:


      Training CourseEmployee Number (Employee who completed the training
      Date of completion
      Fire Safety111101/02/2018
      Fire Safety111103/03/2018
      Fire Safety111104/04/2018
      Fire Safety111201/01/2018
      Fire Safety111205/05/2017


      So when i do a left join, it shows me all of data source 1 however it repeats the lines for those employees who have multiple dates of completion. How do i get it to show so it shows me the latest date of completion for each staff within the data source so it looks something like below:


      Employee Number
      Employee Name
      Training Course
      Latest Date of completion
      1111Jo BloggsIT TeamFire Safety04/04/2018
      1112Fred BloggsHuman ResourcesFire Safety01/01/2018
      1113Steve BloggsTraining Team--


      I tried doing Fixed which i seemed to have found whilst searching but doesn't seem to only bring latest date for the employee in data source 2.


      Please help


      Thank you in advance