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    Dynamic Sheet Display on Dashboards

    Jon Boeckenstedt

      I've found a lot of articles about displaying sheets on dashboards dynamically, but none on doing so by the number of records displayed.


      In the attached, I have two workbooks that are identical save on thing: One shows the display as "Standard", and one shows as "Fit Height."


      I want the dashboard to show the Standard view when the number of rows is more than 23.  But when someone filters (for instance, selecting "CO" for state, which shows 15 rows) or the number of rows is anything less than 24, I want to show the "Fit Height" sheet on the dashboard.  I've included a blank dashboard of the size I need.


      I have tried using formulae that include Size() Number of Rows, etc, that will not display any data if certain conditions are met, but I cannot get the containers to take over using that filter and the results as the action.  I suspect this is obvious, but I'm just not able to crack it.


      Any help at all?