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    Filter only one item in a view

    Kate Leander

      Hi all,


      I'm using Tableau 10.5 to create a report for an online advertising campaign my company runs on a monthly basis for various products. We've got 4 campaigns, plus a category for items (Unsponsored Items) that are not being actively advertised but are still available for purchase. We're tracking basic advertising metrics (Cost per Click; Cost per Purchase, Click through Rate, etc.). 


      Here's where I'm getting stuck... we want to include the number of items in each campaign that had advertising dollars spent on them - but we also want to include the purchase count for items that did NOT have advertising dollars spent on them, but still had purchases through our campaign - basically, a user clicked on our ad, went to our website, but actually purchased another item that wasn't being advertised - but we'd like that purchase to be reflected in the report since the user came in through the advertising campaign.


      I've got a calculation to filter to only those items that had advertising dollars, but when I add it to the worksheet, all the purchases on the unadvertised items are also filtered out. I'm guessing the solution is either an LOD calc or a parameter, but I just can't get either one to work out right.


      I put together a packaged workbook with two worksheets - I attached it in version 10.5 and also 10.2. Sheet 1 is how the report should look (except the item count is wrong); Sheet 2 has the right item count, but the Number of Purchases/Cost Per Purchase is wrong. Could anyone help me figure out a solution? Thanks!

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          Apologies for not fully catching the gist,

          but first wanted to seek clarification on the requirement.


          On Sheet1, is it that all of the other calculations (CPC, CPP, etc)

          are correct except for [Number of Items]?

          If so, then that column can be replaced by a calculation of :

          SUM(If [Items with Ad Spend]="Yes" THEN 1 ELSE 0 END)


          Please see Sheet4 in the workbook attached in the Forum Thread.