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    How to adjust labels in line graph

    Prasad N



      I have line graph. Graph will have 3 measures(STD, ISD and totals) of last 30 days data.


      Issue: When one measure is 0 then 2nd measure and total measure value will be same, example: 2nd and total measure value is 9 on 04/12/2018 day and in report the value is shown adjust and it looks like 99 on 04/12/2018 (as shown below image).

      FYI, Below graph a measure label and line color is same. That is 3 measures will have 3 different colors (one color to each measure and line).

      But color difference is not clearly visible (and not great) so number looks like 99 (Highlighted in circle)

      Is there any way to change and only 9 will appear in graph instead of 99 ?

      How to resolve 99 issue ?


      Attempt 1: I tried to do overlap the labels option.But sometimes number may look like blur and looks like blur in few graph(as in below circles). So overlap option is not correct for all data.

      Attempt 2: Label alignment change to top/left/right/bottom tried it works one graph but not in other graph. so it may work today but not tomorrow with new data.