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    Confidence interval of proportions


      Hi Community,


      I have a data set with 4 columns:


      ID - Unique identifier

      Date: Date of occurrence

      Success - 0 / 1 Flag

      Weight - The weight of each record


      I have to calculate a success percentage, i.e. sum(Success* Weight)/sum(weight). However, I need to calculate the clopper-pearson (exact) confidence intervals for this percentage as well.


      It can be done fairly easily using SAS. It would have been easy if it was a 1 time calculation but I want the user to be able to choose a date range and get the percentage and calculate the confidence interval accordingly. Is there a way to do this calculation in Tableau or embed a SAS / R engine which runs whenever a user interacts with the dashboard?


      In case you're interested, I use the following SAS code:


      PROC SURVEYFREQ DATA= table_name;

      WEIGHT weight;

      TABLES success / CL(TYPE=CP) ALPHA=0.1;