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    Action Filter by County

    Tom Dang

      Hi all,


      I am building a map to visualize County level data in the U.S. I have created an action filter so that as I click on a county on the map, it will filter all the other visualizations for me. However, if several counties have the same name (for example: Clark - WA and Clark - NV), the visualizations will contain all the Clark counties' numbers. The only way that I can specify which Clark county I am looking for is by filtering by the State first, and then clicking on the County. Is there a way that Tableau can recognize which state the county belongs to and therefore shows the correct county's information that I'm looking for?


      Thank you!

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          Tom Dang

          Never mind guys! I have been toying with this for so long - but as soon as I asked the question on this forum, I suddenly found the answer.


          In this "Target Filters", at first I only have County - County target. I then added the State - State target, and it works! Now I can click on any counties on the map, and it will select the right county for me in the other visualizations.