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    Dashboard URL Action not working on Tableau server

    Preetam Jawaria

      Hello Everyone,

      I have following scenario :

      I created a workbook using a single dimension object (Object Name- URL). Which contains some URL values in it.

      url ACTION.PNG

      Now I used this workbook in a dashboard and gave a URL action on same (on the object name) , so when I click on any value (url) of this workbook the that link will get open in a browser.


      PROBLEM : This works fine when I use it on Tableau Desktop. My Tableau server hosted on a link "https://localhost:8000".


                           So after deploying this to server when I click on any value of the particular url , it gets changed to ----->    https://localhost:8000/URL_1   (Assume I selected URL_1 value)


                           Just because this link is getting changed , the page is not getting loaded (getting error as invalid URL).


      Need help on this so link gets open correctly.