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    What are your favorite tips and tricks for beginners?

    Zahra Badaroudine

      I'm going to build a presentation for colleagues who aren't very familiar with Tableau. Some are rusty and some are coming straight from Excel.


      I want to show them the tips and tricks that give a great bang for your buck for beginners. I'll also send them links to my favourite websites for Tableau, tips for a Google Search that gives relevant results and the data-viz-blog-feed I imported from the Public Tableau Group.


      I was thinking of:

      • Pause the visualization update
      • The "Back" button
      • Apply filters to multiple sheets
      • Filters that show only relevant values
      • Folders for dimensions and measures
      • Changing Data type/Geographic properties
      • Combine fields
      • Building grouped fields using the "Other" group and "Search within group"
      • Exclude/Keep only
      • Custom colors
      • Introduction to Parameters (mostly use cases rather than building one with them, I think)


      Is there any other tip/trick you think could be useful? Anything in my list that shouldn't be there?