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    Importing AD group failed

    Jeff Sheppard



      Can someone tell me where to find the log files when importing an AD group fails. We have multiple domains and I'm trying to import a Global security group from a second domain. I can import individual users from the second domain and when I click the add group and in the group dialog box that pops up I can type in the domain and part of the group name and Tableau finds the group. but when I click import I get the red text box telling me the Active directory group named "example_group" for domain "test.Com" could not be found on the AD server.


      I have also successfully imported a different AD group from this same domain that is a Universal Distribution group and that seems to work. I want to know why the global security group fails.

      I've enabled trace level logging on the tableau server but I cannot find any logs that tell me why it failed. Can someone please point me in the direction of what log file I should look at for importing AD groups?