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    Need a measure to disregard a secondary database filter

    Anthony Cua

      This is a follow-up question to my other post that Zhouyi Zhang helped me out with.


      In the image below (TWBX attached), the treated values in the 1st row is what I always want to see. I need to see them regardless of the Elig filter (yes or All or no).

      RR dash 1.png


      Once I switch elig to 'yes', my "treated" measure understandably loses value. And I don't want that to happen. Zhouyi's Treated formula with a Fixed LOD helped me get the total right, but I just realized that it stops the column breakdowns as well.


      RR dash 2.png


      Is there a way to filter the eligibility to yes: But still get 64 for my North Central value? And 769 for my Grand Total value?

      Another of looking at this, is there an LOD that I can use that will disregard the Eligibility filter altogether? (Eligibility comes from a secondary database)


      Thanks a bunch!