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    Totaling that accounts for overlapping data from Month to Month

    waqar ahmad

      Hello everyone!


      I have a question regarding the attached screenshot. Currently working with a situation where I need to find a Total for the number of cards that are CURRENTLY open / closed but there is a slight twist that has me stumped.


      Currently the total is the Grand total overall of all cards counted that I pulled from Analysis < Totals < Show Row Grand Totals. Which means it is not removing from "Card Open" totals the cards that close. Now this would be all fine and dandy but in the case of my data, I would like the total to keep in account the card's current state instead of just totaling out the row regardless of the card's current status.


      Example: If I have Card 1 open in November to December and then close and Card 2 open from December to January , I would like the Total to read 1 card as currently open rather than counting 2 cards as open since one of them closed already. Id' like this close to be taken into account.


      Just looking for ideas on how to logically approach this. Is there a total built into Tableau that takes account of overlapping data?


      Thank you for your help!