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    How to use a single time line for 2 time column in the source file?

    Pak Hang  Leung

      Hi all


      Now I am trying to visualize the effect of the social marketing campaign.


      The input file merges the data from 2 tables, which is the sales dataset and promotion dataset

      In the sales dataset, there is a  timestamp, which shows the date of purchase

      In the promotion dataset, there is a timestamp, which shows when the promotion is published

      And the outcome would be similar as follows


      Purchase datePromotion dateCampaign
      1/1/201NULLcampaign 1
      NULL15/12/2017campaign 1
      3/2/2018NULLcampaign 2
      NULL15/1/2018campaign 2


      Now I have a graph for the sales


      The question is, I would like to show the activity in different month

      i.e a 2 line in a graph, to show how many purchase and how many promotions are published in Jan-2018, let say

      But the information is from 2 different column. Is it possible to do that? If yes then how can I make it?

      Many thanks for your help in advance!