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    Tooltip filter

    ljubomir stajic



      I just inserted a tool-tip graph and noticed that it is being filtered when i scroll over the main graph.


      I was hoping to show a little more detail in the tool-tip. For example, the main graph on the dashboard is a % change from 2017 to 2018. The tool-tip was supposed to show both year actuals but shows only 2018 for some reason.


      Any idea how to fix that?


      Thank you,

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          Peter Fakan

          Hi Ljubomir,


          There could be a couple of things at play here, and uploading an example would be the best way we could troubleshoot your problem, but at an initial think;


          Are you hovering over 2018 data when the tooltip is showing 2018 (the test for this would be to hover over 2017 data) ?


          Secondly, could you confirm you don't have a filter already set on your tooltip viz ?