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    Text table financial report in Tableau

    Tu Duong

      Hi everyone, I have been into Tableau for around 6 months and very impressed with its analytics and visualization capability. What I am stuck now is to find a way to present the traditional cross tab financial report as part of the my visualization package. This is what I want to visualize:


      $ActualBudget∆ BUD %
      Total Revenue   25.0    29.0 (13.8%)
      Total Cost (24.0)  (27.0)(11.1%)
      Gross Margin     1.0      2.0 (50.0%)
      Gross Margin %4.0%6.9%-2.9 pp


      I have the data source as below:


      Total RevenueActual25
      Total CostActual-24
      Total RevenueBudget29
      Total CostBudget-27


      Please help me with:


      1. Is there a way to create Gross Margin, Gross Margin %, AND ∆ BUD % in Tableau and create the cross tab report above?


      2. Is there a way  to have a "customized calculation, where the formula for "Gross Margin %" is different from the rest of the ∆ BUD %?