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    Pulling a last refresh timestamp for a Dimension

    waqar ahmad

      Dear friends of the Tableau Community,


      I'm new to the community and have been using Tableau recently to help gain some interesting insights at work but I'm stumped on a rather interesting issue.


      I'm trying to update a timestamp I have within my Workbook that I would like to update based on the last time that an update to a particular field change occurred within the data source my workbook is referencing.(In this case Teradata). For example, if someone adds a name of a user to the database at 2:30pm, and that database is extracting to my workbook, Id' like the Workbook's "Last Refreshed" Timestamp which Iv'e inserted into a Title to show up as March 30th 2018 at 2:30pm. The goal is so that If I was to hit refresh on my datasource within a tab, Id' have a field that I can use within my title that shows the last time the data was touched in ANY of the fields within the sourcing database.


      Is there a way to do this within Tableau?


      So far all Iv'e got is a calculated field that has datetime(TODAY()) just as a placeholder. Obviously this does not perform the function I'm I'm after.

      My apologies If I under-explained the issue.Your help and time is greatly appreciated.


      Thank you,