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    Parameter - control dashboard run or not run

    Nigel Fung

      I would like to create a dashboard, that allows user to select the needed filters (many and many - mix of parameter and calculated fields), before dashboard start to run.


      If without this mechanism, there will be waiting time between each selection (as the dataset contains 100 million rows - so it will be pretty bad experiences for every filter loading)




      My solution

      Thus I build a parameter logic to control the dashboard.

      When = 1, nothing should run ; When = 2, dashboard will run and go via these  filters.

      Control Mechanism.JPG


      The parameter control display was not too interactive (i.e .a bar, or radio box).

      If it can be replaced by two icons (i.e. play or stop), and user can click on the icon to cater the same logic, then it looks more interactive to user


      Great if there is any advice that could help. Thanks for comment~





      Due to size limitation, a workbook without data is attached.

      Sorry need a further step from you to connect with superstore data.