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    Title Showing Week End







      I am trying to get the title of my report to read the week end date for last week and exclude current week. I do not want to use relative dates incase there is an issue with data uploads. I would like to use a top 2 filter and exclude current week.


      For instance, last week began March 17 and ended on March 23. I want the title to contain only the March 23 date. Is there a formula I can use to do this?




      Thank you!

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          Michael Ye



          I noticed that March 23 is last Friday. If you want to use Friday as the weekend, the formula is:


          last weekend Fri:


          DATEADD('day',-2,DATE(DATETRUNC('week', today())))


          Normally we think a week begins from Sun and end at Sat. If Sat is the last weekend, then it is:


          DATEADD('day',-1,DATE(DATETRUNC('week', today())))





          Michael Ye



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