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    how to search for text within a row


      i came across the below youtube video which show how i can search for a text within a my data


      Free Text Search - YouTube


      My questions are


      1. my data source is a xls file and i noticed that my columns appear in a alphabetical order in tableau. Is there a way to preserve order of the columns?
      2. how could i search across the entire row of the data? do i have to type a formula for each column names similar to what the author has shown in the video?
      3. is there a way to enter multiple keywords in a single parameter and to search for all of them. For example my parameter will be "a or b or c" which will cause tableau to search for a,b, and c (3 searches instead of 1)
      4. is there a way to find out how many times my search keyword was found (in a column or in a row)?
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          Jim Dehner

          Good morning

          please in the future limit your questions in a single post

          see below


          Q2 your thought process is stuck in working with spreadsheets that are "Cell based" - tableau is data base driven using dimensions and measures -

          If you want to search "across rows"  and teh values in that row come different dimensions then you will need to search each dimension independently

          Q3 Parameters are the way users input a single value into tableau - they are static and are global (affect the entire workbook) and must be backed up with a calculated field to be used in a viz

          Q4 - the answer goes back to Q2) but yes you can use countd () in an it  then statement



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