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    Seeking Tableau expertise - (Boston, Providence, NYC)

    Stuart Needels

      We are seeking a Sr. Data Visualization & Analytics Consultant that will conduct analysis and gathers requirements to build end to end analytical solutions using Tableau and Alteryx. They will leverage best practices in UI/UX for data visualizations and create relevant, innovative and impactful dashboards working in an iterative manner as part of an agile project team. 


      - Translate complex business issues and requirements into a structured analytics use cases

      - Rapidly develop/test/iterate analyses that will reveal insight and opportunities for the client and build end to end analytical solutions

      - Develop rich interactive visualizations, that are intuitive, easy to use and understand using Tableau

      - Prepare, blend and cleanse data from multiple sources using Alteryx to design extracts for optimal use with Tableau

      - Build published Tableau data sources encompassing subject areas with established meta-data for attributes providing self-service analytical capabilities

      - Understand how to leverage Tableau and Alteryx server platforms for deployment and automation.

      - Create robust documentation of solutions, validation conducted and operating procedures to transition support.

      - Support project leaders in tracking and communicating project tasks and deliverables

      - Proactively broaden and deepen client relationships by working with varying levels of client team members


      - A minimum of a Bachelor's Degree in Engineering, Mathematics, Business, or related field

      - A minimum of 4 years of analytics experience

      - A minimum of 3 years with Tableau

      - A minimum of 2 years with Alteryx

      - Strong analytical skills and data management

      - Demonstrated ability to achieve stretch goals in a highly innovative and fast-paced environment

      - Effective oral and written communications skills

      - Advanced analytics encompassing predictive, statistical, and spatial analysis is a plus

      - Familiarity with Agile, SCRUM and/or Agile methodologies is a plus

      - Experience with SQL is a plus

      - Training and community building expertise is a plus

      - Certifications a plus