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    Gaurav Shuchi

      I am new to Tableau. Learning it. Wanted to ask that Is Mastering Tableau provides all the solution to Data Science?

      Is there a need to learn ML separately? Because, till now, according to my learning, all you need is a dataset and plot a graph and draw insight.

      Does it fits in Data Analyst job profile?

      I want to be a data analyst only.

      Data Science is very vast.  So, knowledge of which topics in Data Science is required to be a good Data Analyst along with Tableau?

      Kindly provide answer to my query.

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          Hello Gaurav,


          Tableau is data visualization tool, which contributes to data analysis mainly in two stages.


          - Data understanding: Tableau helps plot the data in a visual way, better to understand.

          - Result summary: For example, Tableau helps plot the prediction and actual values to show the variance in a visual way.


          Two links for your reference.

          How to use R with Tableau (and when you should)

          Leverage the power of Python in Tableau with TabPy | Tableau Software





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            Gaurav Shuchi

            Hi Lei,

            Thanks for the overwhelming reply.

            The first link describes How R can be used with Tableau. It helped me in developing basic understanding.

            Can you answer 1 more question:- What all a data/tableau analyst must know at initial levels to land a job?

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              Hello Gaurav,


              Gaurav Shuchi wrote:


              Can you answer 1 more question:- What all a data/tableau analyst must know at initial levels to land a job?


              It's a difficult question because there's no only-one correct answer and answers differ according to job demands.


              Here are some of my opinions, just for your reference.


              • Data Analyst Responsibilities


              With a simple search, you could get so many results, just simply pick up one of them, and you might find a list of different responsibilities. Then your first decision is which responsibilities to focus on. Technical or consultant? and etc.


              • Tableau or not


              Depends on your target responsibilities, your another decision is the tool. Yes, a variety of choices, ETL or BI, Tableau or not, it's a problem


              If you decide to choose Tableau as your dear partner, try to get one or some or all of Certification | Tableau Software .

              The exam is not free of charge, but I think the certification would contribute to your career.