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    Tableau freezes when exiting Presentation Mode

    John Freiberger


      Today, I updated my copy of Tableau Desktop to 10.5.2 hoping it would resolve an issue I recently started experiencing. Whenever I exit from Presentation Mode by pressing either  [F7] or [ESC], or by clicking the Presentation Mode icon in the lower-right corner, Tableau freezes. None of the menus or objects are responsive. The only resolution is to open Task Manager and stop Tableau. I started to experience this last night, so I updated to 10.5.2 today and am still experiencing this issue. I have a fair number of worksheets and dashboards that I am using to comprise the story for my vizzie. The file size is small (285 KB). My laptop is a Toshiba Satellite C55 Series with an AMD A6 processor and 4 GB RAM (3.45 GB usable). I am running Windows 10. I want to preview my story to see how it looks, but I'm concerned about potentially corrupting the file by constantly having to force-stop Tableau. This vizzie is part of my thesis project, so I really don't want to ruin the file...  Anyone else experiencing this? Any thoughts? Thanks!!