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    Linking companies to Congressional District

    DJ Chettri

      I am very new to tableau. Here is what i am trying to accomplish- I have a list of companies (all within US) and their addresses. Would i be able to to map these addresses to their respective congressional district? I know tableau has built-in congressional districts feature. But i dont think i fully understand how it works.

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          Sarah Battersby

          Hi DJ,


          There are a few parts to doing this:

          • For your companies - do you only have addresses?  To map those in Tableau you would need latitude and longitude values.  Tableau does not natively geocode from addresses.  There are some online geocoding tools that you can use to translate the addresses to lat / lon.  I don't have one in particular to recommend, but if you search for online free geocoding you will probably find some options.
          • For the congressional districts - you can geocode these locations in Tableau if you have a dataset that tells Tableau which ones to add to the viz.  There isn't a direct way to enrich your company data with the attributes of Tableau geocoding polygons.... BUT... an upcoming release will have an option for spatial intersection of points and polygons, so if you have a geographic file of congressional districts (you can get this from the US Census: Cartographic Boundary Shapefiles - Congressional Districts - Geography - U.S. Census Bureau) and you have point data for your companies it will soon be able to join those in Tableau.  I'm not sure on the exact date for the release so can't give that, but we showed off some examples of the feature today in a Dev Office Hours with the Maps Team (Dev Office Hours: Mappy Hour – Working with Spatial Data in Tableau).  The recording will be linked to that page soon.




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