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    Interactive filter showing all data from live source

    Neil Holder

      Hi All,


      I'm new to Tableau and trying to put together my first basic dashboard from some SQL data.  I have an interesting issue that I can't find a solution to.


      I've created a LIVE data source that links together two table from the same SQL Server, lets call these table A and table B.  I've created a few worksheets off table B data no problem, however, when I add a filter based on a field in table A.  It includes all values from Table A, not just those that are returned from the join between A & B.  So the user would see a LOT of options that return no data (and the sheets don'e show this data as "0", just blank).  When I change the data source the "extract" the list only shows the values with data.


      I've tried adding conditions to the filter but it seems to have no effect.  I've tried changing the filter to only show relevant values, or values in context.  But can't figure this out, I'm sure it's really simple for someone that know what they're doing.


      I've not been able to share a sample workbook due to the fact that the data is private and I can't provide a "live" link to the SQL server (and provide a sample extract wouldn't replicate the issue).  I'm simply hoping that this is an obvious issue and I'm just being a "noob".


      Many thanks.