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    How can I create a map using US Census Block data?

    Dan Armstrong



      I've looked around in the forums and I found some discussion on tracts, but nothing below that level -- i.e. nothing on block groups or blocks.


      I have some interesting data showing broadband penetration by 11+ million census blocks, and have brought it into Tableau, but the census blocks aren't recognized as geographic elements and I have no idea how to bring in the corresponding shapefiles and join the block IDs with them.


      Someone asked about census blocks in Tableau a year ago, a Tableau employee asked him to post a workbook, he never did, and the Tableau employee is apparently no longer around. So I'm asking it again.


      I tried to attach my twbx file but it is too big, so I cut it down to include only PA block and broadband data.


      Anyone know anything about this? Thanks.