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    Educational Brain Teaser (Answer for Chart Creation) : Graph of "Time" replicates Excel (Easy?)

    Shinichiro Murakami

      Question :

      Educational Brain Teaser : Graph of "Time" replicates Excel (Easy?)


      Answer Part I =Data Prep

        Educational Brain Teaser(Answer Part I) : Graph of "Time" replicates Excel (Easy?)


      Answer Part II = Tiem duration calc

      Educational Brain Teaser (Answer for Time Duration Calc) : Graph of "Time" replicates Excel (Easy?)



      Finally create a charts.


      With pure numeric value as time duration, we can create this chart.


      You can add differnet label that measure value to show time formatted value.


      But Y-axis only shows "Day" basis value because "1 day" is recognized as "1" same as Excel.


      By the way, to show the time formatted (hh:mm:ss) display, we used string value in previous post, but some people used different approach.


      Using numeric value without sting value, create this calculated field.


      Then change the default number format as below.



      This is actually good trick.

      And try to put this fields both measure value and text label.


      Done ???


      The answer is NO.

      You can guess what happens when minutes is "59".

      Below chart also shows the bad image of this approach.


      3:56:00 is way below 4:00:00

      Point 2 : Y-Axis Scale Label and Text Label


      Graph's value (shows the height of graph) and text label need to be prepared independently.

      In this case, "hour" is only needed and rest of amount (below hour) is "seconds" / 3600.


      reflected calculated field should be





      Put this filed to Row shell


      The height is 120.1417 "hours".  We can replace text label with other calculated field, but Y-axis cannot be replaced.


      Here we can re-use the "format technique"






      Then we put "24 hours" interval on Y-axis. 





      Finally we made it.









      Enjoy Tableau !!