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    Including ID's from a Group which was originally filtered out, based on primary ID


      Hello Tableau Community!


      I have what feels to be a basic question but I can't figure out which documentation applies, and I don't have another Tableau expert at my work. I appreciate the assistance I've always received here!


      I have video post data for several Facebook pages our business owns in a table. In most cases, pages just create posts and have their own metrics, but in some instances, one of our pages might cross-post a video from another page. In this case, the source_id (the .mp4 filename) stays the same, but a unique post_id is created, and the page_name is obviously that of where the post is posted to.


      rank . page name . source_id . post_id . total_views

      1 . don's page . 452.mp4 . 121903 .   50

      2 . alllie's page . 452.mp4 .  848393 . 500

      3 . kemal's page . 452.mp4 . 2333 . 900


      I'd like for the owners of a single page_name to be able to select their Page Name using an action filter, and then be brought to a view where they can see the metrics associated with all posts under their page_name but ALSO the metrics for their posts which were cross-posted to the other page_name's. The nature of the Action Filter on the page_name means that this is not possible -- I need to figure out how to include those additional post_id's from the page_names outside the filter, based on the source_id filename.


      I also want to total and average those metrics and give them an aggregated third row.


      Any advice or pointing in the right direction is appreciated!