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    Creating a Parameter Control

    Rommel Bunuan

      Dear All,


      I created a parameter, "Dept Name Parameter" which lists all the departments in my dataset. This parameter was created using the variable/field "Dept Name." My question is: why did I not have the "All" category in the parameter list, but when I display the filter for "Dept Name" it has the "All" category? I want the 'All" to be included in the parameter, but I do not know how to do it. Can anyone help me please?





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          Justin Larson

          Parameters don't have any innate ability - the current selected value can be referenced in calculations, or passed to queries.


          The All feature you're seeing is a control option for filters, which are fundamentally different. While you can create an "all" value in your parameter (just right click on it, and add it to the list of valid values), the parameter can only have one value at a time, so you'd have to build in some kind of logic for what happens (in a calculation) when that value is selected.