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    Jobs need to be Synchronized

    sudhakar reddy

      Hello All,


      I've 2 jobs automated . one would refresh the extracts and other would generate the pdf for the reports.I want this jobs to be synchronized .


      Once the extract refresh is completed the other job should start generating the pdf for the reports.


      Please provide your valuable suggestions.



      Sudhakar Reddy

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          Jeff Strauss

          Hi Sudhakar.  I think the best path may be to create a script to do the refresh and then the export, and then this can be scheduled on the server via Task Scheduler.



          Here's an example of what you might have in your script.


          tabcmd login -s your_server_name -u your_userid -p your_password

          tabcmd refreshextracts --project "xxxxxx" --workbook "yyyyyyyyyyyy" --synchronous

          tabcmd export "yyyyyyyyyyyy" --pdf -f "g:\save_this_pdf.pdf"

          tabcmd logout