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    Sheets disappearing from dashboard

    samantha schultz

      I am creating a dashboard and the layout setting is generic dashboard.  Admittedly there are a lot of sheets in it because I am using sheets for navigation buttons.  A few times now my text box shrinks itself and the sheet next to it seems to disappear.  I can re-size the text box but the sheet used for navigation can't be found.  I have right clicked the sheet in the dashboard menu and removed it from the dashboard, but when I try to re-add it I get the internal error message.  I've had to create a new sheet with the same content so that I can add it to the dashboard since the original gives me an error.  I can add other sheets without issue, it's just trying to re-add the one sheet that's a problem.


      With the layout setting fixed I don't understand why something would re-size itself.  I can't lock the size of the text box (as far as I can tell).  Is there rhyme or reason as to why this happens and a way to prevent it?

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          Jen Shepherd

          Hi Samantha,


          If you're able to provide a packaged workbook, you'd likely get more targeted help.  More details would help too, such as: are your objects floating, tiled, in layout containers, or a mix? Specifically, which of those options is the disappearing sheet?


          Some other thoughts:

          • If the disappearing object is in a layout container with other objects, choosing the 'Distribute Evenly' option after selecting the container should give your disappearing object equal space in the container as the other objects in there so a bigger object can't hog all the space. 
          • If the disappearing object is floating, try bringing it to the front by right clicking on it in the layout tab

          • Text boxes placed into layout containers can be set at a fixed height:


          I'm not familiar with the internal error you mentioned or being unable to re-add a sheet to a dashboard, but hopefully some of these ideas help you out.