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    Creating Calculated Field - Formula Help

    Meghan Goodrich

      Hello, I have just began utilizing Tableau Desktop and am looking for some custom formula help. While the logic is similar to excel I can't seem to write the formula correctly within Tableau.


      I have a Dimension titled "Action" and within that I have three separate actions (Beginning Head Count, Ending Headcount, Terms). I created a Sheet to pivot by another Dimension - "Date of Action" to show how many employee's I have in each "Action". See below. I want to create a new calculated field to average the beginning headcount and ending headcount for each month and then take the number of terms divided by the average to equal my final new calculated field of "Monthly turnover %".


      Basic formula is = 4-Terms/(AVG(1-Beginning Head Count:1-Ending Headcount))


      I have tried multiple versions of formulas, but they all end in errors. I cannot figure out the trick to writing this formula within Tableau. Can anyone assist? Thank you in advance!Newbie, Tableau Desktop