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    Dashboards on the Portal without authentication

    Elena Karavaeva

      Hello everyone,


      Recently I got a task to place some of our dashboards on internal SharePoint portal. It is vital to our leader team to just see the dynamic views there and don't log in anywhere.They need to just log in to terminal (remote desktop) every morning and maybe just once to the internal portal with AD FS. They do not need to know about or go to Tableau Server directly, but they should have such an opportunity.



      The decision I made was to make:

      1. Trusted Authentication - to place the embedded views on the portal. The problem is that to see the view users have to log in to the Tableau Server and if they don't, the view will be endlessly loading;

      2. Buy a core-based license - Trusted Authentication works only for licensed users and we don't know yet how many users do we have;

      3. Guest users  - to understand how many people from our organisation will use dashboards on the portal and then decide do we really need core-based license or buy more licenses for users;

      4. SAML AD FS for Tableau Server - for users to not enter their credentials on Tableau Server.


      I am not sure how it will works, so my questions are:

      1. Will Tableau Authentication work with SSO? Thus, will I be able to login to Tableau Server under domain\user2 while my username is domain\user1 and I know both passwords?

      2. Where we could see a statistics of how many people (included those who were under the guest user) saw our dashboards on the portal and on Tableau Server?

      3. Who can be a guest user, is he anyone from AD list who has no license on Tableau Server?

      4. What the user will see when he open a page with a dashboard on our internal portal (with SSO, trusted auth, guest access)?

      As I understand, he will see a pop-up on the top of his browser (pic.) only once at fist time of using. Then after entering his credentials he will have an access to views and dashboards on the portal and Server according his rights. Isn't it?

      Thank you in advance, I will be glad to hear from you any thoughts, because I am really new in it and afraid to break something