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    Tableau 10.5 multiple frustrating issues within a Dashboard

    Scott Vega

      Since updating to 10.5 I've been having these issues while working in a dashboard. I'm not the only one at my job with the issues. Anybody else having these issues?


      My cursor keeps getting stuck as the up and down arrow.


      Ctrl-Z stopped working.


      I can't resize any legends. I can't move an existing floating legend.


      I have black lines that won't go away between dashboard sheets.


      I can no longer go from a dashboard to the underlying sheet using the top right corner box.


      *Edit. Within a sheet, right click a calculated field and click edit. Make the box larger... Can't do that either.




      Share your story and workarounds please.


      Edit 2* Tableau Dashboard is unusable. I can't even add new sheets into my dashboard. I repaired my Tableau and nothing changed.