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    Think Data Thursday: Zen Master Tamas Foldi: No Limits with Tableau and the Extensions API


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      Join us February 8th at 8:00 AM Pacific time for Zen Master Tamas Foldi: No Limits with Tableau and the Extensions API


      Register here: Zen Master Tamas Foldi: No Limits with Tableau and the Extensions API | Tableau Software


      This Webinar is now complete.   Watch the webinar on your Tableau YouTube - - Think Data Thursday  playlist  - Think Data Thursday No Limits with TAbleau and the Extensions API - YouTube



      In this session we will welcome Tamas, a Zen Master, who is famous for hacking non-existent features into Tableau. He will show some examples of how he used the External Services API to add machine learning to dashboards, query live data from web services, and create animation and paging in Tableau Server. This TDT will be a great opportunity to explore the possibilities and test the limits of the Extensions API supported by the honest and funny narrative of Tamas.


      More about Tamas:


      A long history of processing and working with data, Tamas, truly enjoys data in all its forms. Exploring exciting things like nuclear bomb fall out simulation to ethical hacking. Skilled in a multitude of computer programs and languages, from ASM, Fortran, C to C# and C++ to Python or Ruby just to name a few. Reverse engineering is another habit that Tamas has had since being a young lad and this passion for reverse engineering has not wavered with age.


      His skills around a computer allow him to develop some highly creative views, Tableau leveraging little known areas and tools of Tableau such as the Tableau Extensions API.


      From his own linkedin profile:


      Decades of experience with data processing and state of the art programming. From nuclear bomb explosion simulation to distributed file systems, ethical hacking, real time stream processing practically I always had a great fun with those geeky ones and zeros.



      Tableau Public Profile: https://public.tableau.com/profile/starschema#!/

      Tableau Community Profile: https://community.tableau.com/people/tamas.foldi

      Linked IN: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tfoldi/

      Twitter: https://twitter.com/tfoldi

      Starschema DataBoss blog: https://databoss.starschema.net/author/tfoldi/ less