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    How to compare two calculated fields?

    Kimberly Goldstein

      Hi there,


      I recently learned how to create weighted averages in Tableau and am trying to compare weighted averages within one group to the overall weighted average of a broader set (including all members of that group).


      I've created a sample - attached - where I have a weighted average value for each "Parent" that represents the weighted average revenue (weighted by the number of visitors at each company within the Parent). The weighted average revenue figure updates when I filter on specific regions (intentionally). I have also created a multi-region ("market") benchmark, which is the weighted average revenue for all companies in that market (which flexes with the region filter).


      I am trying to now calculate the difference of each "parent" relative to the multi-region/market benchmark. For example, in the current dashboard view, Parent "Blue" has a weighted avg. revenue of $108 and across the five regions. This is 8% above the benchmark. If you remove region 2 from the multi-region area, Parent Blue's weighted avg. goes up to $125 and the benchmark only goes up to $104, so the relative revenue of parent Blue to the market average is greater than it was before.


      Is there a way to create this dynamic value that represents the relative advantage / disadvantage of a given parent compared to the market average, that can change based on which regions are included/excluded in the market?


      Thank you so much!!