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    Sharepoint List using ODBC

    Raghu Pasupuleti

      Sharepoint List can be connected via Sharepoint List as a source or ODBC as well. After I noticed my user had issues accessing the subsite ( lists ) I tried an alternate to fetch the Lists from Sharepoint. Interestingly I can see Live option enabled ( yet to validate the data)


      Step 1: Install Driver Download | Tableau Software for Sharepoint List ( ensure you choose the correct bit version)

      Step 2:  Configure the driver as a system DSN under ODBC drivers ( specify the Sharepoint List URL) to ensure you have the access and connectivity ( though configuring is not mandatory)

      is the test connection is successful

      Step 3: Go to Tableau Desktop --> sources--> select ODBC--> select CData as driver and hit Connect. This should bring up the encrypted connection string in the String Extras section as show in the below image, now sign in. There you go, you can see CData as a data base ( though its not) hit search button to see the list of views / lists created including many default views.


      ODBC setup.png




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          Hello Raghu,


          Thanks for sharing the process that you have used to connect to CData! That is an awesome use of Tableau Desktop's ODBC connector.


          I have also moved this into the ODBC section of the Tableau Community to give it more visibility to other members who might be trying to achieve a similar result.


          Thanks again for sharing!



          Byrne, Patrick