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    Issues while working with SAP BW hierarchies

    Waqar Saeed

      Hi All,


      I am new to Tableau and developing dashboard for our HR department and data source is SAP BW. We have "organization unit hierarchy" in BW that consist of Business unit and departments . I have created set on this hierarchy and chosen only business unit from selection, graph on this set is showing fine in tableau. (shown in screen shot)


      1) My first problem is I can't sort the graph, whenever I press the sort it gives me "Not categorical filter" error.

      2) This graph won't apply filter on other graph, although "use as filter" option is switched on. I tried with other dimensions which are not hierarchies and filter is working fine.

      3) When I create the filter on business unit, it gives me all the business units and departments in list box. Although I only need to show the business units and in Set I have only chosen the business units.


      Can someone please suggest if there is a way around.