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    What is best way to highlight points in a scatter plot based on a condition on a measure?

    sanket amin

      Hello, first time posting a question in the discussion forum, so go easy on me:)

      Unfortunately I'm not able to share my workbook as it contains sensitive data.


      First, I can describe what I'm trying to do.

      I have setup a scatter plot that graphs a measure over time as seen below. Actually I was able to make it so the user can select which parameter they want to plot.

      I have two conditions that can occur and wish to highlight only those points by a different color.

      The two conditions are exclusive, ie Condition A does not occur when Condition B occurs.

      Also, condition A is based on rule applied to Measure A

      and condition B is based on rule applied to Measure B.


      I've already created a set for Condition A and a set for condition B


      I've thought about the approach to do this and tried a few things but I'm not able to get the behavior I want.

      I thought initially to use the highlighting, but can't figure out how to get it to highlight using a different color versus Tableau greying out the other points.

      I thought about filtering but then it is removing the non-condition points, which I don't want.


      Should I be doing it with a Parameter?