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    SharePoint Data Challenge with multiple similar sites

    Mark Solomon

      I am running into data challenges and maybe there is an option I am not thinking about. but everything I try runs into some kind of road block.


      My client has a SharePoint site for each client they serve.  Each client has a similar but slightly different structure.  I am able to easily connect to the different sites/lists and create dashboards with no issues.


      Now they would like a dashboards that combine the data together.  This is where it gets tricky.  I can't do a cross database join because that is not supported in the SharePoint list connector.  I can't do a union because that is not supported because the various sites are a separate connection.  I even tried taking the extracts and outer join them together but the only way I could come up with being able to identify each client was to add a calculated field with the same column name and when I did that it didn't blend the data.  I also tried just blending the data and that didn't work either.  This seems so simple... what am I missing?  I also need this to automatically update as items are added to the various sites or I would just export data into a common table and go from there.  Thoughts?




      M. Sol.